My story

I have always been fascinated by forms and colors, ever since I was a child. I was in my room at home every single day drawing. I drew in school lessons, in playtimes, making patterns, cartoons and later portraits.

I was not particularly good in school, I was the little quiet and nice girl who grew up with nature, dogs, horses and music - those were the things that mattered to me, and that I cultivated. The creative lessons were my favorites and where I got the highest score.

When I was very young and left home, I made a whole wall from floor to ceiling with beautiful pictures I had cut of magazines and made a giant collage - it was to me very inspiring to look at. Later I made it again in another place, but with Greek newspapers all over the kitchen walls and pink foil on the cabinet doors. It was really cool.

I was very interested in fashion, design and photography and learned to produce my own pictures in the darkroom. It was very important for me to align myself with colors and I loved to use various means in a creative way in my decor. For many years I collected photos, postcards, magazines, posters, etc. hung them on the wall or hid them in drawers. It is like it was all those pictures I did not make my selves but collected otherwise. They meant a lot to me.

Shapes and colors work like a magnet to me, I am attracted enormous by colors and if I see something in a beautiful color or a magazine with a cover in a color that really captures, I must own it. It is almost as if the colors speak to me - we communicate.

It was at late age that I took up painting. I remember I was in a coaching lesson and said I wanted to start painting - "well, why don’t you do it then”, the coach replied, - very simple, and then I started out the very next day.

When I got started I could not stop, it was a huge redemption, like coming home to something that had been waiting for me. Finally. I feel at home in the world of art, that's what I have to contribute with. It's my passion.

Later I went to art school and it was a breakthrough for me and nothing less but amazing. I have been there every year since. It is wonderful, stimulating, cozy and absolutely indispensable.

My goal and dream is to live from my art. Dreams cannot be removed, so they are there all the time. I always think in images and I am constantly being caught by anything. It may be something in the urban space, in nature, in a magazine or a picture on Instagram, yes anywhere and I always have my cell phone with me to capture inspirational motives.

Playing with the colors is pure meditation to me, maybe I imagine a picture in a certain way, but then something completely different and unexpected happens, new colors emerge and lines turns up in the painting, it is so fascinating. There is nothing upshot saying when a painting is finished, it's up to me, and when I feel now it's there, this is it. Sometimes it goes fast sometimes it takes a very long time.

I work always on several paintings at a time, going from one to the other, and then suddenly I look at it with different eyes and then I know just what it takes. Other times it can be a struggle against the canvas, and I can be a challenge to end up with a satisfactory result.

I like to be in a process of development with my art, it would be boring to me to paint almost the same all the time - no, there must be something new and I want to be pushed, so I jump into new methods and thus develop my expression. This has already happened several times.

Currently I paint interiors - yes, you can actually order a "portrait of your home."

It is my hope that you will be "captured" by my art paintings and also for you it will make a difference in your home.