My paintings

- I have always loved colours and forms and I am very attracted to everything with a bright colour. Also design and home decoration have been my interest for many years and I get very inspired by magazines and interior.   
- I think that art gives character to a room.The colours and things that surrounds us affect us. You show who you are by choosing the art that you like.
- I am very visual and my passion is to create images/paintings.

How I work

- My studio is at home and I always work on several paintings at a time. It is a process that might take some time. When I look at a painting in progress which I have not worked on for some opens my eyes for new posibillities.

My paintings

- My paintings are made with acrylic on canvas. Some times I use spray paint and Posca as well and sometimes I choose to use American or English newspapers in my collages. I find this adds character / a certain edge / extra attitude to my artwork.


Order a painting

- If you re thinking of a painting in a certain size, contact me and let me hear what you have in mind.